Barnet UNISON Black Workers Self Organised Group.

Barnet Unison has now set up a Black Members Self-Organised Group (SOG).

The Group will be holding its official Launch on
March 16th 2022 1.00-2.30pm
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Members eligible to attend the group are those who identify as ‘Black’ according to the political definition:
UNISON has its own definition of ‘Black’. It is a political term which embraces the shared history of nations which have experienced colonialism, the transatlantic slave trade and who continue to experience inequalities in modern day life due to the colour of their skin. The term ‘Black’ rose out of the Anti-racist activism in Britain in  the 70s and 80s. It was championed by those such as Diane Abbott, Keith Vaz, Bernie Grant and Paul Boateng and is used to unite people of African, Asian, Arab and Caribbean Communities.
It is an agreed term being used across UNISON.

UNISON’s guide to defining Black
The importance of a Black Members SOG is to:

  1. Encourage the development of Black members into active members and activists


  1. Promote and encourage collective working in the branch on race equality issues


  1. Promote the Recruitment of Black members


  1. Empower Black members


  1. Develop a greater understanding of trade unions and the history of Black trade unionism


  1. Provide opportunity for training, improving confidence of Black members


  1. Inform Branch bargaining agenda with employers


  1. Help Branch and employers focus on race issues facing Black members


  1. Promote representation of Black members as activists and in Branch positions


  1. Inform the use and promotion of the union’s Race Discrimination Claims Protocol and best practice in Branch

The Black Members SOG will be giving a presentation to Barnet Black Staff Resource Action Group (BRAG) at their meeting in April.
This will provide information regarding the SOG as well as general information regarding Barnet Unison.

If you identify as Black and would like to receive information about the group’s activities please contact

We look forward to your support in developing this important resource in Barnet.