UNISON General Secretary responds to The Barnet Group UNISON reps.


The Barnet Group UNISON Reps wrote to Christina MacAnea, UNISON General Secretary, about the plight of workers in TBG and what its like being 2nd class Public Servants and the lack of access to the Local Government Pension Scheme for our members.

We received this response:


Dear Patrick

Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your email. Like you I am hopeful that in those councils that are now controlled by Labour councillors we can  get positive progress and recognition for the work our members do.

I am planning to write to all new Labour council leaders asking them to meet with Unison and work with us to deliver decent  pay  and conditions for local government workers, prioritise insourcing and support our campaign for a national social care service among other issues. 

Not all these councils have formally selected their  leaders and my letter will go once we have this information.  We are also hoping to work with the Labour Group on the Local Government Association.

I know what a great job you have been doing to support our members in Barnet during really difficult  times. 

 I understand from the region that the new council leadership have already contacted the branch. Here’s hoping having a Labour controlled council gives you and the branch an opportunity for genuine partnership working.

Best wishes