World Health and Safety Day 2023

We believe that Health and Safety in the workplace is an issue for everyone. Every year, thousands of people suffer accidents and ill-health at work – most of which could be avoided.

A few workplace issues.

The following are just some of the workplace Health & Safety issue faced by our members; more detailed information and advice can be found by contacting the branch or visiting the knowledge base on the UNISON website here:


Stress occurs when, in trying to cope with the tasks, responsibilities, or other types of pressure from work, these demands or pressures become excessive, causing difficulty, strain, or worry. Stress is one of the biggest health issues at work today, damaging the physical or mental health of workers. Stress can be caused by a number of issues, and the HSE has identified particular risk factors and produced guidance for employers. The risk of stress should be assessed in the same way as other hazards.


Bullying at work can be defined as persistent offensive, intimidating, humiliating behaviour, which attempts to undermine an individual or group of employees. It can take many forms, and should not be tolerated. It affects productivity, can seriously harm the victim and has led to suicides. Employers should risk assess bullying at work just like any other hazard. They should also have appropriate policies and procedures, and support for those who are bullied.


Violence, the threat of violence and verbal abuse may be an issue experienced by our members. The HSE has identified certain risk factors where it is more likely, including jobs that provide care to vulnerable people, enforce the law, or involve working alone or handling drugs or money. Violence is not, and never can be, ‘part of the job’. Employers must assess the risk of violence in exactly the same way as for any other hazard. The risk of violence must be prevented where possible or otherwise minimised as far as possible.

Can you make a positive difference in your workplace?

We take your health and safety seriously and we are looking for member to help us make workplaces safer by stepping up to become a safety steward.

This is a crucial role in the union and helps us to help make sure your workplace is safe, secure, and clean.

Some of the tasks involved include:

  • Talking to members and the branch about health and safety concerns in the workplace
  • Carrying out health and safety inspections
  • Liaising with the employer to improve safety.

So, if you want to make a positive change in your workplace, why not give it a go. You will receive training and support to help you learn new skills and make a change for the better.

If you would like to become a Health & Safety Steward in your workplace, please contact the branch by emailing

Getting Help

If you need help or advice about a health and safety concern in your workplace, contact your workplace health and safety steward or the branch on 020 8359 2088 or email