London Living Wage and The Barnet Group

The lowest paid group of workers in The Barnet Group are the workers who will go through the whole of 2023 without an increase in pay. This is thanks to a decision by The Barnet Group to pay the London Living Wage increase in May 2024. Barnet Council could end this terrible state of affairs by agreeing to make payments to The Barnet Group which would enable the London Living Wage to be paid immediately. However, between two employers which can afford 2 Chief Executives, duplicate staffing of directors and support services, they have decided to withhold this money to balance the books.

It’s good to know Barnet Council is continuing a well-trodden path of making the poorest pay the most for a crisis.
Barnet UNISON is meeting with members over the next couple of weeks to hear the views of our members. If you want to be involved in a meeting and don’t know where to go, please write to