How can Barnet Council even think of allowing Capita to run our IT services after this?

“The council went live with a new adult social care case management system (Mosaic) in April 2017. The implementation has involved significant issues which have critically affected the system’s performance.

Improvements have been made to the system since go-live but there are still significant issues. These have an impact on financial monitoring, performance reporting and operational effectiveness, including the ability to efficiently bill clients and pay invoices.

Mitigations are in place to manage the risks and issues.

Resolving these problems has had both operational and commercial consequences. It is proposed that an audit lessons learned exercise is now undertaken and the findings are reported to Audit Committee. The commercial teams of the council and Capita have agreed to the principle that the most effective way to deliver a fit for purpose system is for the council to engage with an alternative provider to undertake the rest of the required implementation work. This paper seeks authorisation to procure a new delivery partner to complete the delivery of a fit for purpose case management system for adult social care in Barnet, and the allocation of a capital budget to enable the procurement to commence, whilst the process to agree commercial liability with Capita concludes.”

“That the Policy and Resources Committee approves a procurement exercise to the

value of up to £3m.”

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“If the Committee approves the recommendations in this paper, the following

activity will be undertaken to implement the decision:

A written agreement between Capita and the council will be drawn up to agree how the council and Capita will engage with a new third-party provider to successfully deliver the Mosaic system implementation, while the Capita team withdraw from the delivery of the programme;

A specification will be finalised and a procurement will be undertaken to award a contract to a new provider; and

The activity which will follow will be mobilisation of a new third-party provider and a period of handover between Capita and new third-party provider.”

Serious questions must be asked for example

“Who pays for the procurement and the new contract and wasted officer hours securing a new service provider?

“How can Barnet Council continue to support Option 2 which seeks to keep Capita delivering IT services?

Read full report of the failure here