Breaking News: Sacked catering workers have had redundancy claims turned down!

Today our members (former Barnet Council Catering workers) who were sacked without notice because of their contractor going bust have started sending in copies of their rejection letters from Government.

Our members are devastated.

Barnet UNISON has arranged an emergency surgery tomorrow 21 June to look through the rejection letters and begin the process of appealing this decision.

But, in the meantime our members are without jobs and income.

Barnet Right To Food Campaign have set up a donation page here any contributions at this time will be much appreciated

“We are living in the most unjust time I have ever experienced. We have a government which feels no shame and has handed millions of public monies out to their friends, and nothing is done. Yet, here we have low paid catering staff brutalised by privatisation being given another kick in the teeth by issuing these rejection letters. The delivered a quality Kosher Kitchen service to Jewish schools in Barnet. The only thing that went wrong was that they were privatised and sold by Barnet Council to a contractor who then passed them another contract who passed onto another contractor until that contract went bust.

On 1 September 2023, London Mayor expects all schools to provide free school meals to all Key Sage 2 children. As it stands that won’t happen in the Jewish Schools these workers used to serve. Barnet Council should step up as the employer of last resort to guarantee free school meals and jobs for our members.” John Burgess, Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON).


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