10,000 newspapers delivered another 10,000 on the way

Dear Supporters

We have managed to hand out 10,000 Barnet Voice newspapers across Barnet.

We are now awaiting delivery of another 10,000 newspapers. The Borough of Barnet is one of the largest in London and we have a massive task to try and share our newspaper with Barnet residents.

Today, we informed Barnet Council that our social workers are not going back to work on 3 June as we have notified them of another two weeks of strike action. This means our mental health social workers will be on strike for nine weeks solid (13 May to 12 July).

Our members don’t want to go on strike, but they have witnessed a mass exodus of staff (21 social workers), and it is getting worse, a further two social workers have handed in their notice and two of the most experienced are leaving for the NHS later this month, making a total of 25 social workers leaving these teams in 22 months. The remaining strikers are determined to try and win this dispute for the service users and the wellbeing of the staff who were already under serious stress die to the Tories underfunding of mental health services.

Going forward we are spending more time out in the community delivering our newspapers. We have a full picket line on Tues/Weds only and the rest of the time we are handing out the newspapers.

If you want to help the campaign, please email contactus@barnetunison.org.uk if you would like to collect the newspapers and deliver them in Barnet.



Barnet UNISON.