Thousands of UNISON members to join Barnet UNISON picket line!

On Friday 21 June around 10 am UNISON Conference will join Barnet UNISON mental health social workers picket line.

This week is the UNISON National Delegates Conference where thousands of delegates from UNISON branches meet to debate and discuss.

UNISON Conference this year is based in Brighton but on Friday morning UNISON are wanting to show solidarity with our strikers by beaming a live link from outside Labour controlled Barnet Councils main office in Colindale.

On Friday 21 June our strikers will have taken 66 days of strike action over a ten-month period. They are currently in week six of a nine-week strike.

During the conference this week UNISON members have been queuing up to condemn the Labour controlled Barnet Council for employing agency workers for what UNISON believes is strike breaking.

We are asking our supporters to do the following.

1. Join us at our Lobby of Labour controlled Barnet Council Committee meeting on Tuesday 9 July 6pm outside Hendon Town Hall NW4 4BG

2. Sign and share our solidarity statement here

3. Send a message to our strikers to

4. Donate to our industrial action fund by emailing our branch for details

5. Write or email: Cllr Barry Rawlings, Leader of the Council at Email: or  Write to: London Borough of Barnet, 2 Bristol Avenue, London NW9 4EW.

6. Request a striker to speak at one of your UNISON meetings.