Solidarity Kingsley

Over the past few years Barnet UNISON has been working to increase the number of UNISON reps and Health & Safety reps.

One of the services we have targeted has been Street Scene services.

Kingsley is a good example of how our branch has begun to grow the UNISON reps not just for the present but the future. Kingsley works in Ground Maintenance and they use heavy machinery and equipment to carry out their work across the borough. Kingsley is eager to learn more about his Health & Safety role in order to keep his work colleagues safe.

That is why our reps are sending solidarity to Kingsley.



Solidarity from Liz Wheatley Camden UNISON

Liz Wheatley Camden UNISON Julia Mwaluke UNISON Vice President Helen Davies Barnet UNISON


Dear Striking Social Workers in Barnet UNISON,

We want to send further solidarity greetings from Camden UNISON whilst you are taking more strike action over the way you are being treated. It’s outrageous that your team isn’t deemed worthy of the same retention payments as other teams and services in Barnet – we know that there’s a real problem recruiting and retaining social workers across London, and a Council that doesn’t treat you properly will lose you.

For far too long, public services have been seen by Tory governments as a waste of money – they have grudgingly given as little as possible each year. However, we know that in reality, the services we provide are a lifeline for millions, and are what makes society function – where would we be without school support staff, refuse workers, housing workers, library workers and of course social workers?

We also know that you get the service you pay for – the kind of support you provide really needs continuity, it needs providers who aren’t over-worked and stressed, who have the time to find the best for their clients, and who simply have the time for their clients. So for your bosses to not even discuss how they can solve the retention crisis in your team is a real disgrace.

Not least because the money is there. A recent report from Oxfam this month has highlighted that the five richest people in the world have more than doubled their wealth since 2020. Their wealth has increased by more than £11 an hour. At the same time, the world’s poorest 5 billion people have been made poorer. So it’s not about no money in society, it’s about who has it.

Your strike is part of a bigger fight from our class saying that we should have more of the money available – for us, and also for those we provide a service to. That’s why it matters that you win, and if we can help you by bringing solidarity then we will. Last year, some members of our branch here in Camden took indefinite strike action for 59 days, and they had a huge win – they increased their pay by £5,000 this year, and above inflation rises for the next 2 years as well. The lesson that they teach us is that if you fight, it’s possible to win!

Solidarity to you all,

Liz Wheatley (Branch Secretary) and Jacqui Wallace (Branch Chair)


Liz Wheatley

Branch Secretary


7 things you can do to support Barnet Mental Health social worker strikers

What can supporters do?

  1. Visit our picket lines all week commencing 15-19 January between 8- 12.30 pm see details on our web site here


  1. Please sign Barnet UNISON email campaign to Barnet Council Chief Executive Please click on the link and follow the instructions.

  1. Please send a solidarity message to our strikers by emailing our office at


  1. Request for your name to be added to the Barnet UNISON Mental Health Social Worker Strike Solidarity Wall by sending an email to requesting for your solidarity message to be added to the Solidarity Wall.


  1. If you are on social media, you can help by liking/sharing or commenting on our many posts. Here are our social media sites.




  1. Please write by email or by letter to:

John Hooton, Chief Executive of Barnet Council

Address: London Borough of Barnet; 2 Bristol Avenue; London NW9 4EW

Cllr Barry Rawlings, Leader of Barnet Council

Address: London Borough of Barnet; 2 Bristol Avenue; London NW9 4EW.


  1. Make a donation to the Barnet UNISON Industrial Action Fund. Email the office at for details.


Please let the branch know what you can do in solidarity for our Barnet UNISON strikers.


Barnet UNISON.


Come along to Solidarity Fundraiser for Mental Health social work strikers 12 Jan

I want to give a big thanks to UNISON Young Members – Greater London Region for organising a Strike Fundraiser for Barnet Mental Health Workers!” It is truly both humbling and inspiring that our UNISON Young Members are prepared to take the time to organise this event. (John Burgess Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON).


Please click on link to register.


Read about  details below.

Our comrades, the Mental Health Workers at Barnet Council, have been on strike over poor pay and dangerous working conditions that put the lives of the people they care for at risk. There were also new colleagues who wanted to join the strike but council management has blocked members from taking action. We commend our brave comrades and Unison Young Members – Greater London Region are hosting this fundraiser to support them whilst on strike.

Join us at Pelican House, 144 Cambridge Heath Road and expect some great music with live DJ’s, a raffle and some cheap food and drinks.Event kicks off at 6:30pm until 11pm. Let’s party and dance in solidarity with the brave strikers! 💃

Tickets are £7 advance and £10 at the door.

Striking workers go free! ALL funds going to directly to strike relief fund.

The event space has level access. There is a gender neutral accessible bathroom available for use directly next to the event space which does not require a radar key.

There is no parking at the event space, the nearest Blue Badge parking is on Parmiter Street, approximately 965 metres away, where there are 2 on street bays, with a 3hr maximum. We can open the gate to let a car through with advance notice, but it is not normally possible to park a car there for the duration of an event.

Hasta la victoria siempre!! ✊

Organised By UNISON Young Members – Greater London Region

Organiser of Strike Fundraiser for Barnet Mental Health Workers!


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