Breaking News: Capita contracts update in easyCouncil Barnet

Good news

One of the Capita contracts a joint venture known as Re is to come to an end next year.

The following services will be returning in-house 2023:

•         Highways

•         Regeneration

•         Regulatory Services

•         Planning (Development Control)

•         Land Charges

•         Building Control

•         Cemetery and Crematorium

Not so good news: Barnet Council have agreed a fudge to second contract.

Capita will continue to deliver the following services until March 2026

Information Technology (IT)

Revenues and Benefits

Customer Services

Capita will continue to deliver the following services until 31 August 2024

·       Finance*

·       Human Resources*

* (elements of these services returned to the Council in 2019)

The following services will be returning in-house

·       Procurement & Welfare Team will return in Autumn 2022.

·       Estates (including Print) in 2023

You can read all the Council Committee reports online here

“It is good news that Barnet Council has accepted that outsourcing Regulatory Services was never going to make money and that it must be delivered in-house. Whilst I am happy for the current staff, I can’t help but reflect on the wasted resources poured into the One Barnet Programme; millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money was spent on consultants who took the money and ran. As for the CSG contract I think the Council has missed an opportunity to take back control of the Council. Many other Councils have managed the transition back in-house when a 10-year contract expires, look at West Sussex, Southampton all of whom had contracts with Capita. As of 17 June 2022, Capita have been paid £590 million to deliver services for Barnet Council which is £229 million more than Barnet Council had agreed to pay Capita for the two contracts with still another year left of the two 10-year contracts.” John Burgess, Branch Secretary Barnet UNISON.