Breaking News: National Pay Award has been agreed.

On Tuesday 1 November 2022 the National Pay Award for 2022 has been formally signed off by UNISON and GMB.


  • An increase of £2,229 on all grades
  • A permanent increase in Annual Leave from 1 April 2023.

Barnet UNISON has been in talks with Barnet Council to find out when the new pay will be in our members pockets.

We can report that Barnet Council are working to try and ensure that the new pay arrangements will be in place for the November payroll.

We are expecting confirmation next week from Barnet Council to confirm the new pay will be in the November pay slips.

There are three things for members to check when they are paid at the end of this month.

  1. Check your basic pay. If the new pay has been implemented, then your basic pay should be higher than last month.


  1. The new pay award applies from 1 April 2022. On your pay slip you should have a backdated payment from 1 April 2022.


  1. If you have been working overtime from 1 April 2022, you are owed money. We have asked that the Council provide the backdating difference of all overtime you have worked since 1 April 2022.

*** School Support staff.

Please note that your school may not use Barnet Council payroll. Please contact your school to find out when they will be paying you the new rates and back dating.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Barnet UNISON office at or leave a voicemail message on 0208 359 2088.

More details of the new rates of pay will be posted on our web site later this week.


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Breaking News: UNISON President & Vice President are joining the mass lobby at Hendon Town Hall Tuesday 1 November

News in that our UNISON National President Andrea Egan and UNISON National Vice President Amerit Rait are attending the mass lobby outside Hendon Town Hall on Tuesday 1 November from 6 pm in support of the Barnet Strikers.

“I want to thank both Andrea and Amerit for taking time out of their busy schedules to come down and support our Barnet Strikers. This is what leadership means. It’s what workers want to see from their union. Our branch is 100% behind our Barnet Strikers also known as the “Barnet Ten” and so is the leadership at the top of UNISON. I can’t wait to hear the message they will be bringing to the employer the Barnet Group who defending the indefensible at the expense of Barnet Council housing tenants. 200 repairs jobs a week are being cancelled it’s a disgrace.” (John Burgess Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON).

Directions to the lobby: Nearest tube is Hendon Central on northern line. Turn right out of the station. It’s a 10 minute walk to the top of the hill. Turn right and 200 yards on the left is the Town Hall.





Breaking News: Barnet Strikers are going to Parliament

News in that the Barnet Strikers have been invited to Parliament early next week.

The invite confirms that the news of the Barnet Strikers is beginning to spread beyond the boundary of the London Borough of Barnet.

The first response when we explain the dispute is always the same.

Complete disbelief that an employer would want to defend a position of refusing to pay the first 3 weeks sick pay to a low paid manual worker who was injured at work.

More on this news story later this week.




Day 6 : Barnet Strikers Picket line

Read the following article on the Barnet UNISON web site to learn more about this dispute

Barnet Council Housing Repairs workers 100 % vote for all-out strike action

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