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Barnet UNISON members working for Connaught face uncertain future…

It has been a matter of public record that Connaught have been experiencing serious issues

Chris Leary Surrey UNISON on their in-house call Centre

1. What is your name?

Barnet Council 'unhelpful and irrelevant’

On Monday 12 July Barnet UNISON attended an Extra-ord

The Economic case for an in-house bid

From what we have seen so far the Councils Future Shape programme appears to be a a return to Compulsory Competitive Tendering (CCT) albeit with a 21 Century makeover.

We have submitted a report to the Council called 'Economic case for an in-house bid'

which you can view here


"Is this the Future for Barnet Council Services?"

To download poster click here

Joint Trade Unions call emergency meeting with Barnet Council over mass privatisation plans

Tonight the Joint Trade Unions are meeting with our Employers (councillors) because of the very real concern that the Future Shape programme appears to be embarking on the mass privatisation of all of the councils services.

“Have Adults Social Services and the Council not learnt their lesson?”

Cabinet Resources Committee 17 June.


40 % Cuts Planned

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