Payroll issues, Accident reporting, PPE for our depot members

Payroll issues

The Cost Of Living Crisis is getting worse. We want to make sure all our members are getting paid correctly.


Accidents at Work.

Unfortunately, accidents happen at work. It is REALLY important that our members report the accidents. Your supervisor must take details from you and record the incident on the Councils Accident/Injury system.

If you are injured whilst carrying out your job this is called industrial injury. This means that if you are off sick you don’t need to worry about your pay running out.

If you are having a problem reporting your accident, please contact your UNISON rep immediately.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Your employer must provide this to you by law. If you need new PPE speak to your supervisor. If you are experiencing problems obtaining PPE please contact your UNISON rep.

PPE is there to protect you.

To view our flyer click on the link below.

2021.09.22 depot flyer