A Victory for common sense as Barnet Outreach workers dispute is resolved.

Last week we sat down with The Barnet Group (TBG) to try to reach a resolution and we can now report that TBG have agreed the following:

‘We have now completed the evaluation of salaries and will increase existing staff pay in line with the newly evaluated jobs – and backdated to 1st July.’

Barnet UNISON delighted to announce that although this group of workers was balloted for strike action, recording a massive 100% vote on an 88% turn out, the Barnet Group has accepted the demands of the workers, so strike action will no longer be necessary.

‘I just want to say a massive thank you to you for assisting us all outreach staff in our fight to get what we deserved our pay rise and it was successful. I also want to say if I wasn’t for me being a union member this could not have been achieved. (I have to say I was thinking about cutting costs and skipping out my membership with the union). But boy I’m so glad I didn’t it has been very worthwhile, beneficial and I am so grateful for all the important and hard work that the union do .’ (Barnet Outreach worker and UNISON member)

‘I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful job you are doing. The strength to challenge the pay inequality was tapped from Barnet Unison, knowing that you are there thick and thin was the strength that push us through. You are the pilot, we are the passenger in the plane, even during the turbulent you refused to give up rather you encouraged us to hold on, thank you so much for the safe landing. I appreciate your determination, your support and love. Where there is injustice there is a threat to justice’ (Barnet Outreach worker and UNISON member)

‘I feel there is now a better sense of job security amongst staff following the strategy our reps used and the discussion we had today. This has given us back the dignity we deserve. Keep up the good work!’ (Barnet Outreach worker and UNISON member).


Note to Editors: Contact details: Barnet UNISON on or 020 8359 2088 or email: Helen.Davies@barnetunison.org.uk


Out of Touch Barnet for Outreach Barnet Workers!



Barnet Outreach workers 88% turnout and a100% vote for strike action.