National Pay impact on Barnet Council grades


















The above table shows the news grades following the National Agreement of Pay.

Barnet Council will be paying the National Pay Award in the Pay Slip at the end of June.

It should include your new basic pay rate and three months backdating to 1 April 2018.

For those staff who are no longer Council employers but who are entitled to the Pay Award here is the link to the London Agreement which has the spinal column points.

If you have any problems with your pay please contact the Barnet UNISON office on 0208 359 2088 or email














Barnet Council: “Listen to Street Scene workforce”

Barnet UNISON: Response to Street Scene Operational Changes 2018-19

Barnet UNISON Recommendations:

To ensure the successful implementation of the reorganisation of the recycling and refuse services Barnet UNISON seeks the support of the Environment Committee to implement the following:

  1. Street Scene workforce and Barnet UNISON must have a direct involvement/engagement in any proposed changes to the service.
  2.  One central depot for the whole workforce.
  3. No cuts to frontline workforce: A recognition that by increasing the size of the population of the borough ultimately means the workforce and fleet must grow.
  4. Pay: An immediate and timely investigation into the systemic pay roll issues for Street Scene workforce is conducted in order to restore the trust, confidence and morale of the workforce.
  5. A programme for the replacement of ageing fleet to commence.

To view full report click link 2018.06.01 UNISON Response FINAL




Ten years of ‘Future Shape’, ‘easyCouncil’, ‘One Barnet’

On Tuesday 6 May 2008, two things happened that changed my life.

The first was my meeting with the Chief Executive Leo Boland and Nick Walkley (later to become Chief Executive) where they informed me about their next project they called ‘Future Shape’.

The second was the Cabinet meeting which met that night and rubber stamped the ‘Future Shape’ proposal.

Click here to view the Cabinet report

It’s been a roller coaster emotionally, mentally and physically the last ten years.

I don’t know how I am still here, but I do know that I am lucky to have an incredible team of office staff and activists all of whom strive hard to do all that they can for our members.

To mark this anniversary since the birth of Future Shape the branch enlisted the services of Dexter Whitfield to write a report on the last ten years.

I am proud to announce that the report was published today Monday 30 April, 2018 at 8 a.m.

As an added bonus, Jeremy Corbyn took time off his busy schedule to come along to meet some of the Barnet campaigners who have been active this last ten years in a very hostile environment of relentless outsourcing and cutting public services.

It is a very detailed report, but there again it had to be because there has been so much going on in our Council.

You can read our Press Release here

Damning report into EasyCouncil, Outsourcing including forward by John McDonnell

Below are three short video messages from Dexter Whitfield on his report.

Dexter Whitfield on campaigning against outsourcing

Dexter Whitfield on outsourcing failures

Dexter Whitfield on true costs of Barnet easyCouncil

Finally  I am proud to see so many UNISON reps across the UK issue the following message:

UNISON reps across the UK call on public bodies to end contracts with Capita


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