BREAKING NEWS: West Sussex Council take vital service back off Capita

West Sussex have written to Jeremy Hunt seeking emergency powers to bring Children’s MASH Service back in house.

“The proposal is to bring the administrative function of this MASH service back ‘in house’ so that the entire service sits within Children’s Social Care. This will ensure that the MASH will be able to fulfil its statutory threshold decision making function on critical safeguarding matters within 24 hours, as is required in Working Together 2015.”

How much are Barnet Council paying Capita?

The above list of payments by Barnet Council to the two Capita contracts has been produced by Barnet Blogger Mr Reasonable. In both contracts the Council appears to be paying more than they said they would have to pay when they first signed the contract.

The difference is quite shocking and when considered in the context of vital frontline services facing cuts and/or closure it is difficult to understand where the money is coming from to pay all this money.

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“Should we be worried about Barnet Councils contracts with Capita?”

A number of our members have privately raised concerned about the an increase of worrying reports about Capita, who appear to be experiencing some difficulties. 

Barnet Council chose to outsource a large number of Council In House services to Capita in 2012 and 2013.

Last week Capita began two restructures which are likely to lead to redundancies for many ex Barnet TUPED staff.

A simple Google search has revealed some worrying news about the health of the global giant Capita.

Capita drops as first half underlying revenue declines although profits rise, restructuring on track.


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Outsourcing firm Capita’s shares slump 10% amid falling profits and pensions dispute strike

How’s that ‘turnaround’ year going, Capita? …Sheesh, sorry I asked


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What do you think? 

Daylight robbery – What happened to your Pay rise? #ScrapTheCap

For years now, public service workers have seen their pay held back by government in the name of austerity. First a freeze then a cap saw public sector pay rise by just 4.4% between 2010 and 2016 while the cost of living rose by 22%.

Barnet UNISON has produced some examples based on the top of each grade within the Council in order to provide an insight into how much pay our members working for Barnet Council has lost as a result of the Pay Cap imposed on public sector workers.

If you don’t work for Barnet Council you can still work out how much you have lost so far be using the UNISON online pay calculator here

Barnet Council worker grades


Grade A has lost £2,995 Click Grade A flyer

Grade B has lost £3,095, Click Grade B flyer

Grade C has lost £3,306, Click Grade C flyer

Grade D has lost £3,529, Click Grade D flyer

Grade E has lost £3,821, Click Grade E flyer

Grade F has lost £4,303, Click Grade F flyer

Grade G has lost £4,868, Click Grade G flyer

Grade H has lost £5,237, Click Grade H flyer

Grade I has lost £5, 838, Click Grade I flyer

Grade J has lost £6,725, Click Grade J flyer

Grade K has lost £7,938,Click Grade K flyer

Grade L has lost £9,069 Click Grade L flyer





Update on Barnet UNISON Family Services Drop-Ins

In order to find a way to support our members working in Family Services Barnet UNISON is offering two lunchtime informal drop in opportunities.

Every Tuesday from 12.30 – 1.30 Helen Davies, Barnet UNISON Branch Chair, will be in the canteen in Building 3  in order to meet with any Family Services member wanting a chat and or some advice.

Every Thursday from 12.30 – 1.30 John Burgess, Barnet UNISON Branch Secretary, will be in the canteen in Building 3  in order to meet with any Family Services member wanting a chat and or some advice.

Beverley Berrick, Family Services UNISON rep, will also attend some of these Drop Ins.

To view flyer click Family Services Flyer V2


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