Coronavirus (Covid 19) – Update

While COVID has not gone away and the World Health Organisation still places it at pandemic level case shave declined to their lowest level in the UK since the pandemic began and the rate of infection has declined significantly.

Because of this the Barnet UNISON office has opened, however because of  individual officers’ and staff members’ own health and work situation  there may not always be someone in the office. Before visiting the office please email

Or you can call 020 8359 2088, if we are unable to answer the telephone please leave a message speaking slowly and clearly please include your name, telephone number, membership number and a brief message about the assistance you require. We will respond as soon as we can.

Alternatively you can contact UNISON Direct Call Centre by telephone 

08000 857 857 Monday – Friday 6am – Midnight, Saturday 9am – 4pm

or make an online enquiry by clicking the following link

To Join UNISON click the following link

BREAKING NEWS: “The ballots are arriving; the ballots are arriving.”

Dear Barnet UNISON member

“The ballots are arriving; the ballots are arriving.”

The Ballot Papers have started arriving in our members homes. Its critical that all members act now. When you receive your ballot paper, please make sure you vote immediately. Please let others in your workplace know that you have voted and ask if they have had their ballot paper.

Remember it arrives in a red envelope and you are provided with a white envelope.

We need to beat the 50% target to have our say on Pay.

Over the next four weeks Barnet UNISON will be ringing members to confirm if they have balloted. If you have voted and posted the ballot back in the envelope provided you can let us know by sending an email to saying you have voted. This will help us mark you down as voting, and we won’t need to call you.

Lets get out the VOTE.

Best wishes

John Burges Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON

National Pay Ballot: Meetings, meetings, meetings………

For Barnet UNISON members not working in schools

Dear Barnet UNISON member

Barnet UNISON has organised weekly 30-minute briefings on the National Pay Ballot.

The meetings take place every Tuesday 12.30 – 1 pm starting 6 June through to 27 June 2023.

The joining details for these Team meetings are below.

Barnet UNISON National Pay 30-minute briefing Teams meeting

Join on your computer, mobile app or room device

Click here to join the meeting

Meeting ID: 369 615 153 166
Passcode: 9khAuk

Download Teams | Join on the web

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For Barnet UNISON members working in schools.

Barnet UNISON has organised weekly National Pay 30-minute briefings.

The meetings take place every Wednesday evening 6- 6.30 pm starting from Wednesday 31 May through to Wednesday 28 June 2023.

The joining details for the Barnet UNISON National Pay 30-minute Zoom briefing meetings are below.

Join Barnet UNISON National Pay 30-minute Zoom Meeting below.

Meeting ID: 838 6822 4566

Passcode: 746996



Barnet Schools Joint Trade Union statement.

Over the course of the next three months the following trade unions will be or are balloting their members over pay.

  • NEU
  • GMB
  • NAHT

All the trade unions are seeking an improved school funding offer to address pay for staff and for the schools.

It is important that all the trade unions successfully manage to beat the 50% turn out in their ballot to build pressure on the Government to properly fund schools.

We are asking all our members to work together to make sure that they take part in the democratic process of the strike ballot.




Barnet UNISON National Pay newsletter

Last year, in the worst Cost of Living Crisis in 75 years, hundreds of thousands of workers – BT workers, teachers, lecturers, lawyers, nurses, ambulance workers, junior doctors, Border Force workers, bus drivers, rail workers, postal workers, tube workers, cleaners, admin call centre workers – all said the same thing:

“enough is enough!”

They followed the advice of their trade unions and voted YES for strike action on Pay.

2022 saw the biggest increase in strikes in a generation and the reason was the same for all workers: the system is broken. Most workers can no longer afford to live. In UNISON many of our members are low paid and are unable to survive on poverty pay. We hear so many stories of families where parents are missing meals to feed their children, where families are unable to heat their homes and where increasing numbers of members are now regularly using food banks.

Many members are trying to cope by having more than one job.

The sad and brutal fact is that every public sector worker is now working one day a week for FREE!

Instead of the Government putting money in the hands of the workers, workers are donating their hard work one day a week for FREE!


You can view our latest pay newsletter here




Former Barnet Council run Kosher Kitchen Service is closed without notice.

Barnet UNISON is sad to report that the Kosher Kitchen catering service which after decades of providing school meals was closed on Friday 5 May 2023.

40 catering workers were asked to attend a meeting last Friday at short notice where they were informed that the service was closing today.

UNISON has been sent the HR1 form which sets out the details of the redundancy.

The reason given for issuing redundancy is “insolvency.”

In response to this news Barnet UNISON has asked Barnet Council to take back the Kosher Kitchen service in order that catering services to the schools can continue.

We are hearing news that many of the schools had no warning the service would close, and no one knows who will be providing school meals this week.

Our members are distraught they had no idea that their jobs were at risk. All 40 staff were told to sign on this week.

In the meantime, we are arranging urgent meetings with our members.

Barnet UNISON is clear that the Kosher Kitchen service must remain open in Barnet.

“The One Barnet/Easy Council mass outsourcing policy has failed the Kosher Kitchen Service. It has failed to ensure schools meals for the children who relied on it. This is a service with a long tradition of providing kosher meals for pupils. Barnet Council must step up and save this service to ensure the pupils at the schools have a reliable excellent service going forward.” John Burgess, Branch Secretary, Barnet UNISON



Note to Editors: Contact details: Barnet UNISON on or 020 8359 2088 or email:



The Kosher Kitchen Service was outsourced by Barnet Council in 2016 to ISS.

In 2021 and 2022, the Kosher Kitchen service including staff was TUPED to Signature Education.

On 1 March 2023 Signature Education TUPED the Kosher Kitchen service including staff to London Kosher Caterer.

The Kosher Kitchen Service used to provide a service for the following schools:

Hasmonean Primary School, Beis Yaakov Primary School, Pardes House Primary School, Menorah Primary School, Sacks Morasha Primary School, Rimon Primary School, Mathilda Marks Kennedy, Beit Shvidler Primary School, Nancy Reuben, Etz Chaim, IJDS, Menorah Foundation, Hasmonean High School MAT (2 schools), Kosher CPU.




World Health and Safety Day 2023

We believe that Health and Safety in the workplace is an issue for everyone. Every year, thousands of people suffer accidents and ill-health at work – most of which could be avoided.

A few workplace issues.

The following are just some of the workplace Health & Safety issue faced by our members; more detailed information and advice can be found by contacting the branch or visiting the knowledge base on the UNISON website here:


Stress occurs when, in trying to cope with the tasks, responsibilities, or other types of pressure from work, these demands or pressures become excessive, causing difficulty, strain, or worry. Stress is one of the biggest health issues at work today, damaging the physical or mental health of workers. Stress can be caused by a number of issues, and the HSE has identified particular risk factors and produced guidance for employers. The risk of stress should be assessed in the same way as other hazards.


Bullying at work can be defined as persistent offensive, intimidating, humiliating behaviour, which attempts to undermine an individual or group of employees. It can take many forms, and should not be tolerated. It affects productivity, can seriously harm the victim and has led to suicides. Employers should risk assess bullying at work just like any other hazard. They should also have appropriate policies and procedures, and support for those who are bullied.


Violence, the threat of violence and verbal abuse may be an issue experienced by our members. The HSE has identified certain risk factors where it is more likely, including jobs that provide care to vulnerable people, enforce the law, or involve working alone or handling drugs or money. Violence is not, and never can be, ‘part of the job’. Employers must assess the risk of violence in exactly the same way as for any other hazard. The risk of violence must be prevented where possible or otherwise minimised as far as possible.

Can you make a positive difference in your workplace?

We take your health and safety seriously and we are looking for member to help us make workplaces safer by stepping up to become a safety steward.

This is a crucial role in the union and helps us to help make sure your workplace is safe, secure, and clean.

Some of the tasks involved include:

  • Talking to members and the branch about health and safety concerns in the workplace
  • Carrying out health and safety inspections
  • Liaising with the employer to improve safety.

So, if you want to make a positive change in your workplace, why not give it a go. You will receive training and support to help you learn new skills and make a change for the better.

If you would like to become a Health & Safety Steward in your workplace, please contact the branch by emailing

Getting Help

If you need help or advice about a health and safety concern in your workplace, contact your workplace health and safety steward or the branch on 020 8359 2088 or email

National Pay: Find out how much you really should be paid!

Whatever the politicians say, the cost of living is not going down, its going up. Which is why #UNISON is balloting schools and council workers for strike action for a real pay rise.

Look at the #UNISON pay calculator which shows what a Grade B worker needs to survive in the worst #CostOfLivingCrisis in 76 years Click on the UNISON link and follow instructions.


Here are some examples of Grade B workers in Barnet Council:

Gardener, Loader on Waste &Recycling, or Level 2 School Technician.



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