Day 6 : Barnet Strikers Picket line

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Barnet Council Housing Repairs workers 100 % vote for all-out strike action

“It’s started!”: #BarnetStrikers all out strike action has begun today.

BREAKING News from the Barnet UNISON picket line. All-out strike action by our Council Housing repairs service has started.


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Barnet Repairs All-out strike began Monday 17th October.

Daily picket lines 7.30-8.30am, Grahame Park Housing Office 17-19 The Concourse NW9 5XA

9-10 am Leafleting outside Barnet Council Head Office 2, Bristol Avenue, NW9 4EW. Nearest tube is Colindale tube station.

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***Updated: Barnet Council Housing Repairs workers strike starts Monday 17 October 2022.

Update: Agency staff will not be used to break our strike please read our updated Press Release here

More BREAKING NEWS! Barnet UNISON Repairs Dispute

Breaking News: ACAS Talks Fail To Make The Barnet Group See Sense in Repairs Dispute

UNISON has suggested several ways this dispute can be resolved during the ACAS talks. None of the proposals were accepted by The Barnet Group. The only offer The Barnet Group made was to offer to increase the injured colleague’s debt.

The Barnet Group prefers seeing incensed colleagues take unprecedented all out industrial action; try to break the strike through bullying, intimidation and hiring expensive agency staff; and not repairing people’s homes because they want to stick to a principle.

That principle is not paying a worker injured at work sick pay when he was 3 weeks away from signing a contract which would give him sick pay. Our demand all along was for the injured worker to have that pay reinstated in some shape or form. Nothing more nothing less.

His colleagues and UNISON prefer to show solidarity and in these hard times we prefer to stand by a colleague so that he receives sick pay. As one colleague said: “That could have happened to any one of us”.

We have approached the new Labour Council to do something. After all Barnet Council owns The Barnet Group 100%. We hope they will intervene and insist The Barnet Group does the right thing by this worker, his colleagues and Barnet Council tenants.

“These workers were applauded as heroes throughout the pandemic. They stuck together for Barnet residents. Now they need our help as they stand shoulder to shoulder with a colleague injured at work who then received no sick pay. Every day we are impressed that these workers are so determined to fight for what is right. It is an absolute travesty that The Barnet Group thinks the principle of not paying sick pay is worth defending. Today, at ACAS we heard of instances where The Barnet Group has taken a compassionate response to sick workers and has paid more than a worker was contracted to receive. Why would they not do so here? What message does this send to the wider workforce and residents?” (Helen Davies, Branch Chair Barnet UNISON).

An injury to one, in this case, is indeed an injury to all!


The Barnet Repairs strike begins Monday 17th October and is all out.

Daily picket lines 7.30-8.30am, Grahame Park Housing Office 17-19 The Concourse NW9 5XA

9-10am Leafleting outside 2, Bristol Avenue, NW9 4EW. Nearest tube Colindale tube station.

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1. Breaking News: Barnet UNISON obtain ground-breaking support from UNISONs National Industrial Action Committee (IAC).

2. Barnet Council Housing Repairs workers 100 % vote for all out strike action

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4. Barnet Responsive Repairs workers referred to UNISON’s Industrial Action Committee

5. Barnet Council Repairs Operatives 100% turnout and 100% vote for strike action.

6. Barnet Council’s Company Refuse to Show Compassion for Injured Worker




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